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The best known of all Shaker chairs is the so-called "slat back" or straight chair from the Canterbury, New Hampshire community, dating to about 1850. Chairs of this type were made by the Shakers with the intent that they would be used in the community (unlike the chairs produced at the Mt. Lebanon, New York Shaker chair factory for sale to the "World's people"). The tall back posts with their delicately rounded finials and the smooth curved slats give it a look of grace and beauty.


We make the Straight Chair in hard maple, carefully turned and fitted. Height of back is 42". Height of seat 17". Width 18 3/4". Depth 14".


Shown in hard maple with a hand-rubbed Oil and Wax Finish; woven in 7/8" Shaker Flame Stitch chair tape in a checkerboard pattern. 


We offer the taped seats in over a dozen colors.  Please contact us after ordering to choose your color(s).  


This chair is made to order.  We are able to change dimensions slightly if necessary and you have your choice of tape colors.


Current production and shipping lead time:  4 to 6 weeks.



Shaker Straight Chair

SKU: 0002
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